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The top screen is OFF; The bottom is ON. The game of the videos is Genshin Impact. Mareel GO is available on Google Play now.

Free VPN without sign–up and sign–in

How to use this gaming VPN?
Only three steps.

1. Install

Download and open Mareel GO.

2. Press the button

The orange light means
you're connected to your games.

3. Play your games

Freely play your games
while connected to Mareel GO.

Go anywhere!

Mobile Gaming Booster

Mareel is like a direct flight, taking you to your game servers fast.


Here are the sensible rules for Mareel GO

Terms of Use

Let's not abuse the app.

  • Do enjoy your games 100% and have fun.
  • Don't cheat your games and other gamers.
  • Sharing intellectual property illegally via Torrents is not tolerated. Such an access will be terminated immediately.
Read the full terms

Privacy Policy

We're trying our best to protect your personal information.

  • We may share anonymous users' game playtime data.
  • We do NOT share precise location information.
  • Identifiable personal information is NOT shared. All personal information is carefully protected.
Read the full policy

When to use Mareel GO?

To remove lagging

Lower ping means no lag.

To get bonus playtime mileage 😉

We'll soon give you in-game promotions proportionate to your playtime.

To play like a professional player

Mareel's fast connection helps you win your games.

When to use Mareel GO? To play mobile games through Mareel GO
What is good with Mareel? Mareel GO is the fastest WireGuard VPN with strong network routing algorithm

What is good with Mareel?

Fastest Internet

Mareel speeds up with WireGuard® special ingredients.

Strong Routing Algorithm

Mareel's network software technologies improve jitter and data packet loss, ergo remove the game lagging.

Made in Korea

This startup understands what it means to live on the commonly fast Internet. This team is making the fast gaming network even faster from Korea.

We'd love to hear more from you!

Please let us know which improvements we can make for you.